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New Application Security Webinar Series

We’ve got some great webinars coming up, starting next week. John Dickson be explaining how to rank inherited applications according to the amount of risk they present to an organization, and how you can begin to assess those risks in “Securing Inherited Applications,” which will be given in two parts. I’ll be talking about automated virtual patching and how it can be successfully employed in “The Self-Healing Cloud.”

These should be some great webinars. You can sign up for each below. If you’re interested in the topic but can’t attend the webinar, sign up to receive information after the webinar.


Monday, November 14, 11am (CST)
Securing Inherited Applications: Phase 1 – Gathering Information
Presented by John Dickson, CISSP

Security officers worry about the security of new applications being built, but what really keeps them up at night is the security of hundreds of applications they’ve inherited. This webinar will help participants understand how to begin assessing applications that are already build and are likely in production. The first phase of risk assessment is gathering information – Where did this application come from? Who uses the application? Does it fulfill any compliance requirements? What kind of technology does the application use? Attendees will learn what they need to know about inherited applications before they can assess their risks.

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Thursday, November 17, 11am (CST)
The Self-Healing Cloud: Protecting Applications and Infrastructure with Automated Virtual Patching
Presented by Dan Cornell

Organizations sometimes deploy applications on their infrastructure without thorough security testing, putting the applications and the infrastructure they are deployed on at risk of exploitation. Application-level vulnerabilities often require coding changes to be fully addressed. Virtual patching is a technique where targeted rules are created for web application firewalls or other IDS/IPS technologies to help mitigate specific known application vulnerabilities. Attendees will learn how to create virtual patches and the nuances of using virtual patches.

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Friday, December 2, 11am (CST)
Securing Inherited Applications: Phase 2 – Risk Ranking
Presented by John Dickson, CISSP

Many security officers worry less about the security of new applications being built and more about the security of hundreds of applications they inherited. What applications represent the biggest risk? What attributes make them more or less risky? What are the most cost-effective courses of action given budget constraints in today’s business environment? In a webinar on Monday, November 14, John Dickson explained how and what kind of information to gather about inherited applications. This webinar will help participants create a risk-based approach to managing the security of an existing application portfolio using tools like the OWASP ASVS model. Attendees will get a basic understanding of the risk-ranking process that they can immediately apply to their work environment.

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Contact us for if you are interested in talking more about virtual patching or application portfolio risk ranking.


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