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RSA Buzzword Bingo!

Next week we’re going to have a bunch of our folks at the RSA security conference. I’ll be giving a talk on what it costs to fix software security vulnerabilities as well as leading a Peer2Peer session on why organizations decide not to fix vulnerabilities. John Dickson will be leading a Peer2Peer session on running software security programs on a budget. If you’re going to be around please drop by the booth or come by a session.

We were just going to hand these out at the conference, but given the enthusiasm from folks yesterday on Twitter we figured we’d let people print out their own if they’d like. So by popular demand we bring you… RSA 2012 Buzzword Bingo cards!

We have two editions:

RSA Buzzword Bingo Denim Group Edition


RSA Buzzword Bingo_Image 1_02252012


You can also print out copies for your friends:


RSA Buzzword Bingo ThreadStrong Edition

RSA Buzzword Bingo_ThreadStrong_02252012


You can also print out copies for your friends:

Obviously this is all meant in good fun. But just for giggles play a round or two at a talk or a keynote and see how well you do. Drop by the booth or a session and let us know how you did.

Contact us if you’d like to meet up at RSA.


dan _at_


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  1. Greg

    I’m a little surprised APT didn’t make the list. Good Luck!

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