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How Do I Fix Application Security Vulnerabilities?

The security industry often pays a tremendous amount of attention to finding security vulnerabilities – via code review, penetration testing and other assessment methods. Unfortunately, finding vulnerabilities is only the first step toward actually addressing the associated risks, and addressing these risks is arguably the most critical step in the vulnerability management process.

Complicating matters is the fact that most application security vulnerabilities cannot be fixed by members of the security team but require code-level changes in order to address successfully the underlying issue. Therefore, security vulnerabilities need to be communicated and transferred to software development teams and then prioritized and added to their workloads.

Learn to Remediate Software-Level Vulnerabilities Properly

Get expert recommendations on best practices you can use to be successful in your remediation efforts. Visit Denim Group’s Remediation Resource Center or download the How-to-Guide for Software Security Vulnerability Remediation.

Struggling with Endless Scanning Reports?

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