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HouSecCon Presentation – SecDevOps: Development Tools for Security Pros

HouSecCon 2015 has wrapped up and the team did a great job putting on a first-rate event. I had the opportunity to give a talk about the tools that development teams use with the goal of educating security professionals and giving them ideas of how to better work together with dev teams to get issues resolved more quickly.

Slides and video are online:

Abstract: Security teams deal in penetration tests and vulnerabilities, and development teams deal in software defects, scrums and sprints. For the security professional, a failure to understand the way that development teams work and the tools that they use means that security vulnerabilities they identify will be hard to get remediated. This becomes an even greater issue as organizations try to roll out DevOps practices to gain greater efficiencies and responsiveness. This presentation walks through the tools and processes that development teams use to manage their workload, accomplish their goals, and track their success and lays out ways that security teams can better interface with developers to more successfully influence their priorities. The major tools discussed include defect trackers, integrated development environments (IDEs), continuous integration (CI) systems and metric tracking and demonstrations are given using open source examples of each. The presentation concludes with examples of healthy interaction patterns for security and development teams as well as interactions that lead to less healthy and less productive relationships.

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