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Yearly Archives: 2020

Post: Even in the Midst of COVID-19, Russia is Undeterred, and this Shouldn’t be a Surprise

Background: As we struggle for a sense of normalcy during this pandemic, we can draw comfort from certain constants in life. One of those constants is Russian nation state hacking. A recent public report from the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) documented a pattern of activities from […]

Post: Cleartext vs. Plaintext vs. Ciphertext vs. Plaintext vs. Clear Text

This blog has been updated with new information for 2020. This came up a few times during the last round of security reports we at Denim have been writing, so I wanted ensure everyone understood the distinction.  Granted, it is a subtle distinction, but it does exist even thought it sounds like a Dr. Seuss […]

Post: A Guide to ASP.NET’s Page Life Cycle and the ViewState

This blog has been updated with new information for 2020. ASP.NET provides you with several life-cycle events for you to handle and insert all the functionality of your web application.  This article will explore the operations that all web-pages need to do, and map them to the ASP.NET lifecycle events.  Then we will look at […]

Post: What’s in a Name? – Why Gartner Picking “Application Vulnerability Correlation” is an Important Step for the Application Security Market

This blog has been updated with new information for 2020. If you haven’t seen it yet, Gartner just published its “Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2016” written by Gartner Analyst Ayal Tirosh with support from colleague Lawrence Pingree (Gartner clients can view it at This is potentially a deeply important step for the application […]

Post: A Book Review of “Think in Code” from My Seven-Year-Old Nephew

Marcus Carey recently wrote and published a children’s book called “Think in Code” geared toward teaching kids a little bit about coding and the coding thought process. I sent copies to my nieces and nephews because they’ve shown an interest in STEM topics and one of them has actually been doing some projects with MIT’s Scratch. He read the […]

Post: Starting Resources for People Looking Into Computer Security Careers

People I know outside of work usually know that I work in cybersecurity so I get a lot of questions about computers and security issues. These tend to include lots of questions about viruses and cybercriminals and other consumer-oriented topics. But, an inquiry that has become a lot more frequent as of late has been, […]