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Secure DevOps

Post: 2016 Post Gartner Recap

                     Now that the dust has settled on the annual 2016 Gartner Security and Privacy Symposium, we can look back through a clean lens and identify themes that bubbled to the surface of the different sessions. Although a critical mass of security leaders were in attendance, […]

Post: Making the Case for Secure, Defect-Tested Software Development

Originally published on Creating a software security initiative in any organization is no easy feat. Often times, organizational culture or politics can provide development managers with a strong counterargument for implementing software security concepts. Unfortunately, building software without a consideration for security has become a less viable option given the increase in compliance pressures […]

Post: HouSecCon Presentation – SecDevOps: Development Tools for Security Pros

HouSecCon 2015 has wrapped up and the team did a great job putting on a first-rate event. I had the opportunity to give a talk about the tools that development teams use with the goal of educating security professionals and giving them ideas of how to better work together with dev teams to get issues […]

Post: Dan Cornell Interview On The Agile Admin About Rugged Software

James Wicket (@wickett) recently interviewed me about Rugged Software for the Agile Admin.  In the interview we talk about what it means to be “rugged,” the importance of getting management buy-in for scaling application security programs and business justifications for rugged and secure software.  The Agile Admin folks have a whole series of interviews about […]

Post: Java User Group San Antonio meeting 6:00 Sep 3, 2009 at New Horizons The inaugural meeting of the Java Users Group of San Antonio will be Wednesday September 3rd, 2009 at New Horizons at 6:00pm. The presentation will be "Programming in Scala" Posted via email from denimgroup's posterous

Post: ROOTS Conference Wrap Up

I made it back to the States after the ROOTS conference and wanted to post some comments.  It was a great conference with a lot of interesting folks and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to present. On Tuesday, Andre Klingsheim and Lars-Helge Netland gave a great talk on Architectural Risk Analysis.  They ran […]