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Post: A Book Review of “Think in Code” from My Seven-Year-Old Nephew

Marcus Carey recently wrote and published a children’s book called “Think in Code” geared toward teaching kids a little bit about coding and the coding thought process. I sent copies to my nieces and nephews because they’ve shown an interest in STEM topics and one of them has actually been doing some projects with MIT’s Scratch. He read the […]

Post: Starting Resources for People Looking Into Computer Security Careers

People I know outside of work usually know that I work in cybersecurity so I get a lot of questions about computers and security issues. These tend to include lots of questions about viruses and cybercriminals and other consumer-oriented topics. But, an inquiry that has become a lot more frequent as of late has been, […]

Post: Denim Group Update: COVID-19

As the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve around the world, we at Denim Group want to ensure you that we are doing our part to support our teams and yours during these trying times. The health and safety of all is our top priority.  At Denim Group, we have a business continuity plan in […]

Post: RSAC# 2020 RCAP

The 2020 RSA Security Conference will go down as one of the more surreal gatherings of security professionals in recent memory. In spite of fears related to the coronavirus, the conference did, in fact, happen. Those who attended voted with their feet, weighing the risk of exposure to attending this once-a-year gathering.  Here are some of my observations […]

Post: #RSAC 2020 – Damn the Torpedoes…

“How far away from San Francisco is Sacramento?” my wife casually asked as I finished packing my suitcase for the 2020 RSA Security Conference. “I think about an hour and a half – maybe two hours away…. Why do you ask?”  I thought nothing of her innocuous question as I stuffed Purell hand wipes and a […]

Post: Embedding Security Practices into Digitization Drives

An increasingly competitive environment is forcing companies to innovate faster in order to provide more value to customers and other stakeholders and bring products and services to the market more quickly. They are called to do this by taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by a host of new digital technologies as part of their […]