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Reducing Attack Surface in Budget Constrained Environments

Presented: June 28, 2018


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Webinar Overview

Sprawling networks, streaming vendor vulnerability updates, and an application portfolio that remains a mystery keep you up late wondering where your weakest link exists. Budget constraints make you wonder where to begin, given that the responsibility to protect your organization remains firmly on your shoulders. How do savvy leaders identify the most pressing exposures and prioritize their efforts given limited budgets? What are the strategies that sophisticated IT and security leaders pursue to identify the scariest vulnerabilities and fix them before attackers find them? This session will lay out actionable plans to immediately identify and reduce more of your organization’s attack surface.

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John Dickson

Presenter John Dickson

John Dickson is an internationally recognized security leader, entrepreneur and Principal at Denim Group, Ltd. He has nearly 20 years’ hands-on experience in intrusion detection, network security and application security in the commercial, public and military sectors. Learn more about John>>

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