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Securing Voting Infrastructure before the Mid-Term Elections

Presented: Tuesday May 1, 2018


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Webinar Overview

The prospect of nation state interference with our 2018 mid-term elections is a reality that secretaries of state are facing.  Given the fast-changing nature of the threat and the sprawling election infrastructure across the country, how are state officials securing their voting systems and databases in anticipation of the election?  What are emerging strategies given the limited resources and unlimited needs?  Where are the most vulnerable parts of the election systems and where should state officials focus their efforts given the potential for disruption?  This webinar will provide an attacker’s view of a typical state-run election system and will make recommendations where to focus limited time and resources in the run up of the 2018 mid-term election in November.

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John Dickson

Presenter John Dickson

John Dickson is an internationally recognized security leader, entrepreneur and Principal at Denim Group, Ltd. He has nearly 20 years’ hands-on experience in intrusion detection, network security and application security in the commercial, public and military sectors. Learn more about John>>

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