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Understanding IoT Security: How to Quantify Security Risk of IoT Technologies

Presented January 25, 2018


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Webinar Overview

IoT devices are proliferating throughout corporate networks raising concerns about security risks they may introduce. However, IoT technologies differ in many ways from most enterprise-ready technologies that currently exist. Understanding the risks that IoT represents and how to best quantify that risk can be a challenge for many security leaders. This webinar provides an overview of IoT architectures, how they differ from existing infrastructure devices, and how best to measure the risk IoT devices represent. It will expose attendees to concepts like Threat Modeling for IoT and provide additional references that will help build a successful IoT security assessment program.


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John Dickson

Presenter John Dickson

John Dickson is an internationally recognized security leader, entrepreneur and Principal at Denim Group, Ltd. He has nearly 20 years’ hands-on experience in intrusion detection, network security and application security in the commercial, public and military sectors. Learn more about John>>

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